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Wednesday, February 2, 2011
Oh yes!!!!!!! It's chapter 57 of KWMS!!! and after many months...... a "quick/fast" release (well, sort of, compared to the last few chapters). Good thing classes are cancelled due to the bad weather here that I am able to take some time to finish this. It's MONSTER SNOW STORM with 12~15 inches of snow wooohooo!!!

This is something that I want to share about what happened in one of my lecture:
Professor: Can anyone share what is the big event happening this weekend?
Random guy: Dance marathon?
Professor: Yes yes that's one of them, anything else?
Another guy: Superbowl?
Professor: Yes.. and the commercials are worth watching too, but there's something bigger...
(The class of 350 students stayed quiet for a moment...)
Professor: It's Chinese New Year guys!!!! Come on!! The whole world would be celebrating.
(I almost hit my head on the table hearing that.)

It's Chinese New Year so..... HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! Gong Xi Fa Cai =D I'm far from home so I'm not gonna celebrate with my family... but with my awesome friends here XD.

Mediafire: download

Oh and we're not going to provide any mirror for the link. If there's a need for that we'll do it though.

Thanks to 镜花水月 for the raws!!!!!!!!!

Edit: New downloaded link, updated on 3rd of Feb 6.46am EST. The changes made is different font style on page 28 (where the last 3 bubbles belongs to usui) to avoid confusion on who is talking if you are mindful about it (yes i am mindful). Sorry about that!

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