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Wednesday, December 30, 2009
AND NOW 45 IS FINALLY HERE!!! It's new year's eve!!! SO HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! しんねんおめでとう~~!!!! Hope you guys had a great year and may you have a better one ahead! AND TO MORE KWMS NEXT YEAR!! WOOOOO!! LOL!!! Anyway here it is. GIVE SOME THANKSS!!

Thanks to 镜花水月 for the RAW yet again!! And her name is Aizen(Bleach)'s sword, kyoka suigetsu!! xD But obviously it has some other meaning too O.o

Download link for chapter 45:
Mediafire: download
Sendspace: download

May this complete your day~ Wanwei

Teaser from LALA website! (Next issue comes out at Jan 23rd! So, wait peeps! xD)
At last Usui is going to reveal his secrets... The mysterious yet perfect guy, what are his words going to contain!? And Misaki... What will she do!?

11:52 PM
Friday, December 25, 2009
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!! Well to celebrate it I shall release a side story.. I know it's not as satisfying as chapter 45.. But bear with it! I'll try to release it as soon as possible :D I haven't received the RAW yet but I've read it on the net. It's an AWESOME chapter! As I mentioned in the credits :P

Download link for Side Story Aoi and His Happy Friends:
Mediafire: download
Sendspace: download

And the address I mentioned in the last page! Send your mails to Fujiwara-sensei everyone!!! Even if she doesn't understand it, she'll definitely appreciate your support :D

Have a fun christmas~~ Wanwei.

12:50 AM
Sunday, December 6, 2009
And here is chapter 44!!! I will write a short post this time because wanqin's head exploded due to my long post down there. :D Anyway, thanks for threefeetstop and yuukuzuri_chan for providing us the RAWs. We are truly grateful, as well as the fans, of course. And here it is!

Download link for KWMS 44:
Mediafire: download
Sendspace: download

Note, the size may be a little bigger this time.. it contains 6 color pages =D

Download link for calendar and note(arigatou, yuukuzuri_chan!):
Mediafire: download
Sendspace: download

ENJOY!!! It's quite a weird chapter ;P Next issue comes out on Dec 24th! But I guess we won't be able to release it by Christmas.. SORRY!
TEASERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! The start of a forceful attack from Maria!? Usui finally makes a move with Misaki in a pinch!?

WANWEI. toot. toot. toot.

2:38 AM
Friday, December 4, 2009
Well if you're excited that we've finally made an update, you're gonna be super frustrated when we say IT'S A SIDE STORY RELEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But still be happy PLEASE?! PLEASEEEEEEEE T_T_T. ARE YOU EXCITED NOW? PLEASE BE.

Anyway, read it like you're a snail, read it SLOWLYYYYYYYYYYYYY. SAVOURING IT WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT. You should at least take one hour to read it, IF YOU'RE FAST. Do try to spend the whole day reading the chapter :D This chapter is really cute =P

Side Story And so, Momotarou became Maid-sama too! IS HERE:
Mediafire: download
Sendspace: download

Anyway, GOOD news is you only have to wait until next monday to read chapter 44. Our RAW provider said she'll send the RAW to us on that day. Perhaps that's supreme bad news for 80% of the peeps out there. But at least now you know when you can get to read it RIGHT?! JUST A FEW MORE DAYS!!! 48 HOURS!!! COME ON.

And teaser, for those who visits our site! WE LOVE YOU!!!! HUGS HUGS HUGS!! I really don't wanna give spoiler to you all... So I shall put a not-so exciting one. Do forgive me :D. You shall read the character-contest results when chap 44 is out xD.

I know it looks weird... But do support it still! It's Fujiwara-sensei's big achievement after all! :D

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