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Monday, May 24, 2010
FINALLY!!! AFTER 1 MONTH OF DELAY!!!!! CHAPTER 49 has arrived!!!!!!! cheers!!! The reason why the release got delayed is because everyone has been busy(same old reason) because of studies. WE'RE ALL STUDENTS OKAY??

and the reason why someone(which is me, SonicBlast) is able to release this chapter is because I'M FINALLY FFF!!! FFF - FREE FROM FINALS(quoted from Mr. Low JH) wakakakaka... and then it took some time to finish it...

and Wanwei is not being helpful at all because she is tired of doing this(that's part of the reason we got delayed)...T_T So, I would like you guys to thank her for her long lasting effort for doing this ALONE for the past 8 months or longer... (and to "encourage" her to further scanlate) "thanks wanwei!" would be appreciated =)
Don't worry it's not like she's quitting :P

and the links, yes...

Edit: Thanks to 镜花水月 and yuukuzuri_Chan for the awesome raws

10:26 AM
Sunday, May 2, 2010
Yo minna-san~!! Sorry but this is not a post about KWMS chapter 49 ._.

I just noticed that it's been 1 year since we've completed our project of scanlating SA (we released the last chapter of SA on April 28). I can't believe that we've made this far T_T *touched* I just wanted to share this news with y'all :P

We will continue to improve ourselves and provide scanlations as fast as possible (if time permits). Thank you for all the support!!!

3:42 PM


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