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Tuesday, August 26, 2008
Here's chapter 55!! OMG it's our 10th release!! We've made it this far T_T Ok cut it out. Took so long to finish up this chapter... omg... they talk a lot... Nevermind at least it's done. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! (omg I've gone nuts)
Mediafire: download
Sendspace: download

9:28 AM
Sunday, August 24, 2008
Alright, since my cbox is currently being spammed with "Why are there missing chapters?" or "Please do the skipped chapters", once again, I'll explain why for those who are lazy to read my previous posts about those skipped chapters.

Firstly, I would like to apologize about the skipping chapters. Secondly, I would like to ask all the SA fans out there to be patient(As I am patient as well coz I did not read those skipped chapters too).

The reason why we are not doing the chapters is because VNmanga and Vertigo Manga are working on those chapters. We have agreed with each other to scanlate some specific chapters. Chapter 38 has been released by Divine Sanctuary about a week ago. So please just wait patiently until the next release of chapter 42, 43 and the other skipped chapters, probably by VNmanga and Vertigo Manga or Divine Sanctuary. It's rude to do a chapter that is halfway done by them, and that their effort is wasted, which would saddens me if it occurs to me. Plus, it is very very rude to break your promise. So, please stop whinning about the missing chapters and read other mangas while waiting for SA(or watch the anime over and over again, jk XD)

By the way, it's goddam annoying to see 8/10 of the shouts in cbox is about SKIPPING CHAPTERS. If you want to whine, don't come here because it is disheartening to see them. In the meantime, I will try to work something out with VNManga and Vertigo Manga.


11:38 PM
Monday, August 18, 2008
AFter one week, here's chapter 54. Sorry guys we're skipping chapters again =_= I hope you guys enjoy our scans :P Here are the links:
Mediafire: download
Sendspace: download

8:21 PM
Monday, August 11, 2008
Hey there everyone! Good day. Chapter 48 is completed and uploaded on several sites. Supposedly we're doing chapter 51 for the next one after 47, but I discussed with VNmanga and Vertigo Manga to switch the chapters. So, here's chapter 48! Enjoy. (You can guess from here which chapters we are going to skip =.=)

[Rant:] OMG TOOK ME SO LONG TO FINISH THE 1/4 PAGES. Curses! All because of I have to come down to my hometown to visit my grandmother at a hospital(More like taking care of her for HOURS). Hope she'll get well soon though T_T Luckily I brought this laptop(shit not used to it) to scanlate more of SA chapters during my free time(like now). Hahahahahah~ And OMG shit I upload halfway and got disconnected =_= I hate the connection here(stealing somebody's unsecured Wi-Fi /gg) [End of Rant]

By the way here are the download links:
Mediafire: download
Sendspace: download

11:37 AM
Friday, August 8, 2008
Hello SA fans,
Please don't hesitate to take the poll that I set up at the right bottom corner. I would like to know your opinion. Thank you for your time!
P/S: The last 3 question is crap because it's set up by the host, so I don't care

>I decided to move this post up here so everyone can see.
>If you can't see the poll, it's probably because of the Norton Internet Security is blocking the site from showing the poll for you. To see the poll, try disabling your Norton Internet Security.

7:02 AM
Thursday, August 7, 2008
Yoyoyoyo everyone~ I would like to bring you ------- deng deng deng ------- DOUBLE CHAPTERS~! It's chapter 46 and 47!!...though =.= Sorry guys T_T no chapter 45. Once again don't kill me for this XD. It is agreed with VNManga and Vertigo Manga blablabla they do chapter 45 LOL. It's really fun scanlating SA. I hope you guys will enjoy these 2 chapters =P.

Note: Short Story and Omake for Volume 8 is roughly translated. And also, 1/4 pages for chapter 47 is roughly translated too. (coz translate from Japanese =.= We are chinese translators ok? =_=)

Chapter 46(includes short story and omake):-
Mediafire: download
Sendspace: download

Chapter 47:-
Mediafire: download
Sendspace: download

11:51 AM
Sunday, August 3, 2008
I realize that, creating your own website is such a pain in the a**. With the 0 knowledge about html code crap me, I can't do anything. After a few hours of attempting to do it.... Too lazy to bother anymore. Why am I doing this? Because earlier(1st post) I said that this will be our temporary website. Well byebye to what i said, I hereby announce that this cheap blogspot will be our official website XD. wakakakakaka. I know some of you will be like "wat the f***?? It's so easy like ABC! You're noob" Okay fine, I know you're good and I'm just too lazy to start and learn. Probably some of you would also think "WHY DON'T YOU USE YOUR THAT FEW HOURS TO SCANLATE MORE SA?? I WANT MORE!!" ok get lost crap O_o
ok enough about the ranting hahahahhaha~ (did this before my mood to rant is gone)

SonicBlast - nyahahahahha

4:51 AM
Saturday, August 2, 2008
Don't kill me for this. We skipped chapter 42 and 43 because I have agreed with VNmanga and Vertigo Manga that we will do chapter 44 and they do chapter 42 and 43. One of the staff told me that they scheduled to release 38, 42 and 43 within this week. So, We did the next chapter of 43, obviously which is 44. I hope that VNmanga and Vertigo Manga can finish THAT many chapters O_O Ganbatte for them!!
Anyway, here's the download link for chapter 44.
Mediafire: download
Sendspace: download

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