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Tuesday, June 23, 2009
SOO after a century or so ( perhaps that's how long for you fans ), KWMS chapter 38 is finally here! And we've finally caught up with the releases in Japan!!!! WOOHHOOO!! After a hard work of half a year! Thank you for supporting the manga and us!!!! WEEEEEEE~~~ Once again thanks to 镜花水月 for providing us the RAW! :D

KWMS Chapter 38:
Mediafire: download WHERE IS IT?!?!
Sendspace: download

Although this chapter ends with a major cliffhanger, we can't help you~~ wahahaha

Edit: Since a lot of people have been asking us this, KWMS is released monthly by LALA magazine, on the 24th :D AND! We've reached our 1 year anniversary~~ whoo~~

3:50 AM
Wednesday, June 10, 2009
YOOOOO!! Thanks for the spams guys!! And here's chapter 37! Sorry if it's too late.... Once again thanks to 镜花水月 for providing the RAWs! :D

Download links for Chapter 37:
Mediafire: download
Sendspace: download

Enjoy the chapter that you've all been waiting for!! TASTE AND ENJOY EVERY SINGLE BIT OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! READ IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!! ROARRRRRRR

There's nothing to say anymore.. Do leave comments at our cbox! We will feel happier if you do so! :D

WaNwEi - as recommended by Jin, LOL. Though I still prefer the one before =/

7:58 AM
Friday, June 5, 2009
Hello peeps ! It's been a week! Sorry if that's too long! There's basically nothing for me to say right now. Well all I want to say is do spam "Chapter 36 is freaking hot like pizza!!" at the chatbox! If you do that you may see chapter 37 up pretty soon! ROLF. ( total randomness )

Download links for KWMS Chapter 36:
Mediafire : download
Sendspace : download

Lastly, thank you again to 镜花水月for providing us the RAW!
WaNWeI - new way of typing my name wtf o.o

6:18 AM


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