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Saturday, September 12, 2009
S.O.R.R.Y. is the first thing WE would like to say as the release is REALLY REALLY REALLY LAAAAAAAAATE this time. You can read our sorry from our deathbed at the credits so THAT'S IT.

RAW problem STILL not solve, so we decided to use chinese RAW, translations from japanese RAW of course because I wonder how many coffins will the coffin shop sell if we don't release the chapter soon. Thank you for all the fellow peeeeeeps out there that waited patiently and stalking our site to increase our daily hits ( THANK YOU SO MUCH! )We once again hope that an angel will bestow upon you, do live a happy life and hope you won't get infected by H1N1 :D

Download link for KWMS Chapter 41

Oh and, we MAY release a V2 (version 2 in case you DUNO) by using the jap RAW, though lazyness might overtake me and my soul that worked the past day may burn to pieces, saddening my family, relatives, friends and everyone else SO you DEFINITELY won't want that. Therefore don't put high hopes on it :D

WANWEI - mind and body soulless, but my heart's still pumpin' :D RANDOM.

3:15 AM
Sunday, September 6, 2009
Well since you guys are so desperate to even LOOK at KWMS Chapter 41, I'll just let you guys see one of the extra color pages. LOL.
Note: The yellow bold word in the middle of the page means A TV ANIME IS DECIDED. Too lazy to edit that. RAW credits to threefeetstop from picasa web albums.

Don't expect Chapter 41 to be coming so soon just because I released this, only a few pages (extra color pages) from this source can be used, not including any contents at all. SORRY T.T

9:23 PM


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