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Sunday, August 6, 2017
Another year another post! Thanks for your patronage to our rather quiet blog.

I hope in the near future I can revive this blog again. Who knows when?

See ya!

8:42 AM
Sunday, August 28, 2016
Hi guys!

This year's re-post is a little late. Scanlations can be fun, but it's time consuming. Potato-Otaku group might be sleeping for who knows how long ;) 

Thanks to all of you for still dropping by our (dead) blog!

7:54 AM
Sunday, July 5, 2015
I can't believe that there are still some people who would visit our blog, even after 3 years of being inactive. Just a random post every year around this time to remember that this group is still alive, though dead at the same time. hahahaha.. Thanks for dropping by!

9:14 AM
Saturday, July 12, 2014
another anniversary year of emptiness.... HAHAH... ditto of what I said last year. Have a good day!

5:20 AM
Friday, June 28, 2013
It has been a year since the last post where we announced our hiatus. We really appreciate all the support during the period even though we are just sitting back and enjoying our lives. At this point, I am still determined to continue with KWMS until the series ends. But who knows, I might change my mind.

So a big THANK YOU to all supporters out there. In the meantime, back to our daily lives...

Note: We're still taking a looooong break.

9:55 AM
Saturday, June 23, 2012
Good day everybody, I, SonicBlast, would like to bring everyone an exciting news about Potato-Otaku. We will be on HIATUS for a few months!!! (hopefully not more than 1 year...) I sincerely apologize to all our readers who have been supporting our releases and those who are waiting patiently for the upcoming ones =\

Here is my story. I got a job, and I have to take some sort of professional exam while working. I needed A LOT of time to study for the exam, so I won't have any free time to scanlate KWMS. Scanlating is just my hobby which I do when I feel like it. 1 chapter takes about 30 hours or more in total for me to finish (I translate and typeset), and I find it hard to squeeze it in my daily schedule. Fortunately there's another group out there doing KWMS, which is why I feel that I have less obligation to continue releasing KWMS promptly.

Here is my decision. Work on KWMS when I feel that I should take a break from studying. So there will still be releases from Potato-Otaku once in a while, but the releases will be really slow... I will observe the responses from our future releases. If there aren't many readers anymore, I will make a post and decide on which our last chapter will be to put a complete stop for Potato-Otaku.

If you really want regular releases from us, or would like to show us your appreciation, or send us words of encouragement, or write us hate emails about how bad we are, don't hesitate to drop an email to potato.otaku@gmail.com

Thank you!


6:54 AM
Saturday, May 12, 2012
Chapter 70 of KWMS is here!! I didn't drag it too long this time lol 


Mediafire: download 
Sendspace: download 

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