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Tuesday, April 28, 2009
SonicBlast here!!! Good news!!! SA Chapter 99 is released after ~2 days of the release of chapter 98. Great, isn't it? Bad news is, SA ends here T_T I am having my holiday right now, that's why I had the time to do it =P It's the last chapter, so we've put "quite" a lot of effort in it. Hahaha...

However, I'm going to have my first big exam in the next few weeks, which I really need to concentrate on (I only covered about 75% of the contents? I'm so dead). That's the reason I finished SA so quickly - I wouldn't want you guys to wait for weeks~!! =P And that's the reason I'm not going to help out in KWMS(I never did anyway), so don't put your hopes up thinking that KWMS might be released faster X_X Sorry.

By the way, thank you Minami Maki-sensei for this manga!! Thank you everyone for constantly supporting us~!! We hope that you've enjoyed this manga and our scanlations of SA.

For those who have not read KWMS, READ IT!!!!!!!! We Potato-Otaku scanlators strongly recommend you to read KAICHOU WA MAID-SAMA (so that you will join the people who are spamming in the chatbox! Joking xD)

By the way, the download links, yes. Chapter 99999999999999 LOL


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