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Thursday, January 1, 2009
While everyone is celebrating new year... I am at home staring at the computer... so that everyone can celebrate new year with... Special A Chapter 84!!! HAHA!! Didn't go for countdown though, wanna watch TV (Pirates of the Caribbean) =.= Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Kiss and say good bye to 2008!!! Let's welcome 2009 and hope that it will be a good year!

About the SA credit page thing, don't take it seriously... Thanks to all who came and visit our site though!! Arigatou gozaimasu! I was a little busy doing other stuff, so this release is a little later than usual. Sorry about that. Don't get freaked out =.=

By the way, enjoy SA Chapter 84 and Happy New Year!! Hello 2009~~

Mediafire: download
Sendspace: download

There's the character ranking results along with Chapter 84, I lazy to edit them so I'll just write the ranks here. (Probably you can find them at other site, but whatever I'm listing them down here)

1st Hanazono Hikari
2nd Takishima Kei
3rd Karino Tadashi
4th Tsuji Ryuu
5th Yamamoto Megumi
6th Toudou Akira
7th Yamamoto Jun
8th Tadashi-kun Puppet
9th Saiga Yahiro
10th Finn
11th Hanazono Atsushi (Hikari's brother)
12th Ogata Aoi
13th Takishima Sui (Kei's brother)
14th Yappi (The stupid rabbit mascot)
15th Ushikubo Sakura
16th Tokiwa Iori
17th Alisa
18th Takishima Satoru (Kei's father)
19th Saiga Chitose (Yahiro's brother)
20th Takishima Midori (Kei's mother)
21st Hikari's mother
22nd Karino Sumire (Tadashi's mother)
23rd Kakei Hajime (Student Council President)
24th Hikari's father
25th Minami Maki-sensei (yay for the mangaka LOL!)
26th Takishima's grandfather
27th Kokusen's director's wife, Mitsumi
28th Kuse-san (Midori's butler)
29th Fankyu Brothers
30th [I don't know what the heck]

As the list goes down to 30th, weird characters are popping out LOL! Starting from 22nd place, the votes are less than 100 LOL!!

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